Emergency measures

In case of emergency: Dial 9 + 911

Indicate any emergency situation to the reception (dial 0).

Hotel V is equipped with heat & smoke detectors as well as alarms. Our evacuation plan, our emergency exits, and our doors satisfy all the requirements of the Fire Commissioner of Quebec. Our employees all received the necessary training to act in emergency situations. Although there is a small possibility of a fire, please take good notes of the following advice.

If you hear the fire alarm or if you smell smoke:

Stay calm and do not panic. Touch your door room. If the door is warm, do not open it. Otherwise, open it and verify the state of the hallway. If the alarm has not rung yet and you smell smoke in the hallway, please activate the alarm immediately. If there is no smoke in the hallway, leave your room and bring your room key with you. Close your door room and go to the closest emergency exit. If there is some smoke in the staircases, take a staircase at the other end of the hallway or return to your room. The handicapped people must contact the front desk for help.

If you must stay in your room:

Fill the bathtub with cold water, dip sheets and towels and place them at the bottom of the door. Inform the front desk of the incapacity for you to reach the hallway or the staircases because of the smoke. If the smoke begins to penetrate your room, squat under the level of the smoke and protect your nose and your mouth with wet linens.

Fire prevention:

In the first place, to prevent fire there is no smoking in our building. Please do not use other household electrical or heating appliances than those supplied in your room and keep matches out of children’s reach.